AHRP Constitution


(1) Name:

  • Name of the Association shall be “THE ASSOCIATION OF HR PROFESSIONALS"

(2) Address:

  • The office of the Association shall be situated in Colombo.

(3) Objects:

  • To serve as a source of information for Human Resources professionals to help resolve their work related problems.
  • To serve as a forum for Human Resources Professionals to meet, fraternize and exchange ideas.
  • To prepare and publish Journals, Books, Pamphlets and Papers and to utilize any other means of communication to promote good Human Resources practices.
  • To provide training and development support for Human Resource Professionals by way of organizing and promoting programs / Workshops / Seminars and undertaking studies and research projects for the Government, Private Sector, International agencies and other institutions on Human Resources.
  • To promote understanding, co-operation and friendship with Human Resources Organizations within and outside Sri Lanka.
  • To collaborate or form strategic alliances or any other mode of co-operation with other organizations, Financial Institutions or non-Governmental Organizations in key areas of Human Resources Development and Industrial Relations.
  • To do all things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or the exercise of the above powers.