AHRP Constitution


(4)          MEMBERSHIP

The membership of the Association shall consist of four categories:
‘Fellow Member’, ‘Professional Member’, ‘Associate Member’ and ‘Corporate Member’

(1)    Fellow Member
Members who have made outstanding contribution to the Association of Human Resources Professionals and or to the Human Resources Profession. Fellow members may have voting rights and may hold any position in the Association.

(11)    Professional Member

Human Resources Professionals with at least Three years experience as Human Resources practitioners and Post Graduate Certificate holder of Human Resources Management by Post Graduate Institute of Management or Diploma holder of Institute of Personnel Management or Degree in Human Resource Management, Faculty member or Human Resources Consultant or Full time attorneys with Human Resources related experience. Professional members have voting rights and may hold office in the Association.

(111)   Associate Members

Professionals, Directors, General Managers of reputed companies who do not satisfy any eligibility criteria to become Fellow members or Professional members but have interest in Human Resource Management.

(1V)   Corporate Member

Reputed organizations acceptable to the Association, which apply for the Corporate membership.

The number of members with which the Association proposes to be registered is 500 but the council of management may from time to time register an increase of members

(5)             SUBSCRIPTION

(a) The Enrolment Fees Payable by every Member /Associate, seeking admission to Membership of the Association shall be such sums as the Members may from time to time resolve at Annual General Meeting. In the first year, the Enrolment Fee shall be Rs.5,000/- for any member.

(b)  A Member / An Associate who is in arrears of his Annual Subscription for more than three (03) months shall be liable to forfeit his membership upon a decision by the Council, provided that the Member/Associate concerned shall receive 14 days notice in writing to pay the amount of Annual Subscription in arrears, prior such removal. All Annual Subscriptions shall be made within Six ( 06 ) Weeks from the beginning of each financial Year.