AHRP Constitution


The President of the Council of Management shall: -

1) Preside at meetings of the Association and of the Council of Management.

 11) Sign all rules, with the Secretary or such other officer as the Association May appoint for the purposes, and

11) Perform such other duties as the Association may determine and be the fit and proper custodian of all the documents belonging to the Association and in exercise of the duty may take any measures to ensure the safe custody of the books and documents of the Association


1) Be the officer of the Association and shall conduct the business of the Association under the direction of the Council of Management.

11) Appoint such other officials of the Association as may be necessary under the direction of the Council of Management;

111) Keep the minutes of the Council of Management and the General Meetings in the books provided for that purpose;

1V)   See that all books, reports, certificates and all other documents and  records required by them are properly kept and filed;

V) Have custody of the Seal of the Association.

V1) The council of management shall appoint a fit and proper  person as Secretary to discharge the statutory functions assigned to him under the act in addition to the Honorary Secretary elected by the members of the Association.

    ( 11 )        THE TREASURER SHALL :

     1) Keep books in which will be entered the receipts and expenses and assets liabilities of the Association.

    2) Have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities in the name of the Association in such bank, trust, Company or other depository as may be determined from time to time by the Association and perform such other duties as the Association may determine.

    ( 12 ) The Council of management may from time to time nominate some other persons to act in place of the President, Secretary or Treasurer in the event of such officer being temporarily unable to discharge the duties of his office on account of ill health or absence from Sri Lanka or for any other cause.