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Siemens AG Global Talent Expert on "Leading in an interdependent world" at the Axiom Revolution Conference

In the era of current economic recession, wherein emerging markets are also experiencing slower growth than expected, its is clear that those organizations which have the best leadership practices, would respond to these challenges better than others. Organisations are scrambling to understand the impact of these crisis on Business and People as well.

It is imperative for the organizations to leverage potential of their leadership and retain the most critical talent. To do this, many organizations introduce new talent practices, leverage current ones but at the same time, it is imperative to focus on readiness of the talent, prepare them for growth , develop the most relevant leadership and business skills and invest in targeted development actions.

While organizations put efforts in retaining and developing talent, at times they face real practical bottlenecks in this journey. This poses us to answer some of the important questions such as what are the key drivers for talent development? Are we developing talent pipeline in the right direction, aligned with our business strategy? Are we doing "Right Things" or merely focusing on "Doing things right" in such a crisis situation?

To achieve an organizational growth, it's a mutual responsibility of both – what we intend to do for talent and how talent intends to reciprocate this ? What do we mean by effective engagement practices, does the talent perceive them similarly?

And lastly, how do we lead in an interdependent world?

Vice President, Head – Top Talent for Growth and Consultant to Asia-Australia Corporate Development Executives, Siemens AG, Munich, Germany will address top corporate professionals, business and HR leaders on 18th May at Waters Edge from 8 am – 5 pm at the HRM Awards Learning Conference 2012 where traditional axioms of business are to be revolutionized.

Dr. Mukund Vyas has been working in the area of Leadership and Development for past 17 years. He has Masters and Doctoral degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from Mumbai University. After working as a faculty in Mumbai University for 5 years, he Joined Siemens in Corporate Human Resources in 1996.

Currently, he is with Siemens AG based in Munich, since April 2012 leading a global project on Top Talent for Growth launched by CEO and also responsible for Asia – Australia region for placements and development of Corporate Key functions.

Dr Vyas' Key achievements include designing and roll out Global Competency Model for Siemens world, Conceptual framework for Siemens Leadership Framework and launching Global Assessment Centres.

He has presented papers presented in various conferences such as National Congress of HR in India, European School of Management Technology in Berlin. With effect from April 2010, he has taken over a global role with "Corporate Development Executive". Prior to Siemens, he was working in Mumbai University as a faculty in Psychology for 4 years.

Dr Mukund Vyas has been recognized with prestigious awards such as, Best Employee Award in Siemens India, admission to Siemens Global Top Talent Pool and also as a Global Diversity Ambassador from South Asia Cluster.