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Senior VP HR of Tata Motors India to speak at “The Axiom Revolution”

Sri Lanka’s leading HRM body, the Association of Human Resource Professionals Sri Lanka (HRP), is gearing up for its HRM Awards learning conference, “The Axiom Revolution: Strategy, Leadership and Innovation”, a prelude to the upcoming HRM Awards 2012 in July. The conference will feature a distinguished panel of international speakers including Mr. Prabir Jha, Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Tata Motors Ltd., India.

After nearly 10 years as Bureaucrat in the Indian Civil Service, Mr. Jha shifted into the corporate world, working in Senior Management positions that gave him global exposure to multiple facets of Human Resources (HR) including Change Management, Employer Branding and Leadership Capability Development. As a distinguished professional, his potential has been recognized in many forms. Mr. Jha has been consistently featured in the "List of Most Powerful HR Professionals in India" and is the recipient for several medals including the National Institute of Personnel Management Medal and Director's Medal in the Indian Civil Services Foundation Course. He was also presented the Reckitt & Colman Award and the Citibank Leaders Award. Furthermore, he is also an accomplished thought-leader, speaker, executive coach and a visiting lecturer at leading business schools and management training institutes. Mr. Jha will be delivering a speech at the conference entitled "New Vistas in Employee Engagement", covering emerging challenges and key HR risks related to employee engagement in organizations and how to tackle them.

NEW VISTAS IN EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT The session will not help the audience find a solution to the engagement issues their organizations are faced with, nor will it give them with quick tips on how to enhance people engagement. It will however, help them demystify some of the most common myths around engagement and satisfaction. I will also share my thoughts on key HR risks and the evolving role of HR to keep pace with the changing business reality. What is an organization made up of? Great engineering, products, services, processes, etc. However, all of this loses its meaning if it does not have the right people to drive them. It is not about discussing who is responsible for these "people". What is critical here is to understand the key risks that an organization would face if this aspect was not looked after. Through this session I will therefore share what we mean by people- risk and their direct impact on businesses. The session will also lay emphasis on the emergence of engagement levers in the times of change as organizations are making footprints globally.

The conference is to be held on the 18th of May at Water's Edge, where Mr. Jha will be speaking alongside a stellar line-up of internationally acclaimed speakers including Professor Wee Chow Hou, author of the famed management bible "Sun Tzu: War & Management", who will be delivering the keynote address.