Damien O’Donoghue, E-Learning Expert innovates ROI at the Axiom Revolution Conference

Gulf Agency Company’s Corporate Learning Academy Head, Damien ODonoghue will present a paper titled Borderless Learning: Innovating ROI at the Axiom Revolution HRM Awards Learning Conference 2012, in Colombo on 18th May 2012.

Mr ODonoghue’s formal education includes an undergraduate degree in logistics and operations management from University of Southern Queensland, an MBA from University of South Australia, a Master of Education specialising in e-learning and corporate education from University of Southern Queensland, and he is currently undertaking a Master of Human Resource Management at University of Wollongong, Dubai.

Mr ODonoghue’s presentation will introduce the concept of the Corporate Learning Organisations (Corporate Academies or Corporate Universities) as strategic enablers of knowledge creation in enterprises. Corporate Learning Organisations move beyond the traditional training department or training functions, and the growth is estimated to be 200% faster than the vocational and academic sectors.

As leading corporations search for long term sustainable value creation, the role of tacit knowledge and how to make it explicit and transferable to current and future generations of people introduces new paradigms about how organisations value learning. The value continuum in corporate learning looks at how it attempts to quantify the return on investment and how to increase alignment with business objectives.

As a strategic business unit, the corporate learning organisation must be ROI focused, and have transparent metrics on cost –vs- impact. A number of models may be used, with resultant costs and consequences. Mr ODonoghue will address the strategic costs and consequences of each, with reference to the global economic environment.

The corporate learning organisation must also have learning effectiveness at the core of its delivery capability. Recycled, generic learning content is ineffective in an information rich internet environment. Mr ODonoghue will share the various types of pedagogical models, and the effectiveness of each in his paper at the conference.

The Axiom Revolution Conference will showcase the value continuum reinventing the learning ROI dispelling yet another axiom that in tough times, the training budget is the first to be slashed.

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The Association of Human Resource Professionals invites all professionals, business and people leaders to be a part of the Axiom Revolution, HRM Awards Learning Conference, on 18th May 2012 at Waters Edge, Capital City.