Dare To Challenge

In a world where one vehemently toils to instill equilibrium, one still battles day in day out to succeed. ‘Success’ in the materialistic corporate world denotes competition and business hostility. While many business models of management gurus and practitioners move away from this notion from time to time, when times are hard they seem to come back to the same set of values they are comfortable with. ‘Blue ocean strategy’ by Chan and Renee’, is yet another attempt to steer away from the known path and to capture a new way of looking at the moves.

Away from the stagnated battle zones of marketing and finance, that constantly believe price and promotion can do the trick, lies the current belief that the human potential of individuals are so great that one person can make the difference. While every discipline and profession has its own rightful place in society and business; business today seem to pay more thought the “talent” aspect of their people. The people factor being the one weapon that can’t be copied, they say, can however be learnt and / or copied in terms of processes. 

Although experts like Michael Polanyi with his take on ‘Tacit knowledge’ (accumulated life experience & the human ability to adapt to situations), may believe it is hard to transfer the knowable gained through experience, we however believe if the right atmosphere and medium is provided it could be done. Gurus of adult learning and development in the likes of Malcom Knowles and Stephen Brookfield spend time explaining how adult learning is about the educator not only helping people meet the learning needs of adults learners, but also being able to challenge them to think critically about the assumptions which influence their work.

If the notions of adult learning and the value of human talent were to be true, which it is, competitions, certifications and accreditations would seriously add value to the growth and development of the organization. If one were to compete within an internationally accepted (globally bench marked) set of rules, within a specified time period; professionals who have matured in their field (tacit knowledge) would benchmark and develop their processes more creatively and sensibly day by day. Unlike developing oneself in a silo, when in competition they get to know the best practices and processes.

Through the program one builds friendships’ and the covenant with others from various industries. They exchange ideas and visit each other to see what best practices are out there. In addition, if in the end all these knowledge tanks of international and local presenters were to conduct a learning experience to crystallize the thoughts; wouldn’t that be fantastic?

While there may be many such events out there that contribute - “HR awards Super 10” has known to be the pioneer in this endeavor. Hewitt benchmarking, an independent judging panel, IPMAHR certification programs to add value to the HR professionals, the learning conference that would lock in the spirit of the knowledge - would end up by celebrating the best practices of human talent management in Sri Lanka with the awards. This is a celebration to uplift the sense of spirit and to encourage competition to be amongst the best… It is an endeavor that must not be missed by organizations – you owe it to your people. They need for you to learn and prepare yourself as administrators to take the people to the next level. They need your guidance. So don’t let them down. “Dare to challenge”!!