It’s the final countdown to the HRM Awards 2010 – Super 10

The HRM Awards 2010 – Super 10 announced in January this year is reaching the final countdown. With another four weeks to go, the HR bastions of the corporate league are buzzing with activities lined upto a grand finale of The HR Week, 17th to 23rd May 2010.

With the announcement of the HRM Awards there was keen enthusiasm amongst local companies in small, medium and large categories to find out more information about the Awards process and enroll in the competition. The interest shown by both the public and private sector is ample testimony to the fact that HRM Awards are a much awaited event in the Sri Lankan corporate calendar.

According to official sources, over 50 companies have registered to participate in the HRM Awards 2010 – Super 10 competition. The preliminary assessment has been completed by now and the judges are in the process of short listing the finalists for in-company visits.

The ensuing four weeks are anticipated to be an action packed countdown at the end of which the winners are determined and announced. The eminent panel of judges of this year’s HRM Awards 2010 – Super 10 comprise of respected International adjudicators such as Mr Neil Reichenberg, Executive Director, IPMA HR (USA) and eminent local business and academic personalities such as Dr Anura Ekanayake, Chairman, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Dr Uditha Liyanage, Director of Studies, Postgraduate Institute of Management and Mr Ravi Peiris, Director General, Employers Federation of Ceylon.

A highlight of this years awards would be the Special Awards made under the sub categories of, talent supply, leadership and key talent, performance management, capability building, rewards and recognition and employee relationship and people administration. Hewitt Associates India, the International HR Consulting Firm and Content Partner of the HRM Awards have specially selected these areas as befitting the Sri Lankan context of HRM specialization. Hewitt’s continual partnership with the Association of Human Resource Professionals (HRP) in the HRM Awards process over the years has enabled Sri Lankan business sector to garner the benefits of country specific insights and technical expertise of a globally acclaimed HR Consulting body.

The Association of Human Resource Professionals has officially announced that the HRM Awards Night will be held on 21st May at Cinnamon Grand Hotel in the highest of grandeur and glamour. The awards ceremony will be followed by a celebratory event with ample opportunities for the HR fraternity to cherish their achievements and enjoy an evening of fellowship and entertainment. HRM Awards Night and Dinner Dance jointly form to conclude the HR Week 2010, which kicks off on 17th May with the International Public Management Association of Human Resources (USA) Certification Programme and the International HR Learning Conference on 19th May 2010.