HR Battles on a Hot Seat

HRM Awards 2010 – A tribute to HR professionals of Sri Lanka

Volatility, unpredictability and disorder is the order of the proceedings when one looks at business today. This hyper changing environment that brings chaos in our work environments is overshadowed by the fact that one needs to be at peak performance levels to survive. While all professions and professionals add their fair share of competency to the business, there is no question that HR professionals have had a mammoth task during the past two Years.

While in 2008 companies expanded and HR fought for talent, 2009 was about retrenchment and maintenance with minimum expectations. Rarely do we applaud the efforts of the HR team for their efforts. Motivating without pay increases, increasing the talent pool with lower salaries, developing skills with meager budgets, helping and managing with projects they have never encountered before like mergers and acquisitions (repatriation issues), stress levels and work ethics are yet to be maintained and be the employer of choice. The List goes on – yet ‘Innovation” of processes almost borders “invention’ when one looks at the economics of the matrix our HR professionals have challenged and won. Conventional wisdom says that human resources finally has achieved its sought-after seat at the table. It’s a Hot seat – but it’s about time!

The Hot Seat!! – The Balancing act!! The HR team is more than we think they are to our business. Now’s the time to recognize this fact and award them for their efforts. 


The HRM Awards 2010 is organized to accolade the victorious teams that have helped in their own way to sustain business. The Association of HR Professionals of Sri Lanka in partnership with Hewitt India (content Partner) – the world's largest provider of multi-service HR business process outsourcing (BPO), and the only firm with fully integrating HR outsourcing and HR consulting capabilities, would be organizing the HR Awards 2010. Hewitt Associates with approximately 23,000 employees in 30 countries manages more than half the FORTUNE 500® and more than a third of the FORTUNE Global 500®. This impressive reputation is only augmented by the eminent panel of Judges that would join the team. The Independent judges would constitute of Sri Lankan academics and professionals together with leading International HR and Business Leaders.

The award symbolizes the value HR has created for business and pays tribute to their efforts. The HR awards would be followed by the learning conference aimed at sharing the knowledge of the best practices in Sri Lanka and the current global benchmarks. Whether it is a multinational, a government sector organization or a small business - human resource professionals who have innovated exemplary processes in people management get a unique opportunity to share their expertise and experience with the HR fraternity.