HRM Awards...a new dimension of value added

The Statement of Value Added has become a novel and popular feature of financial reporting today. Many business organizations take pride in reporting to the investing public, the manner in which it distributed wealth created during the financial year, among its stakeholders. Out of the key constituents of a Value Added Statement, Employees generally stand out as an important group. The importance of this segment is emphasized by the fact that many companies’ report Employee Value Added at least 25% or more.

Companies add value to their ‘most valuable asset’ in many different and unique ways. When a Company decides to pit one of their teams against a group of others from different industries and business sectors in a national level competition of gigantic proportions with wide publicity, what are the risks and returns involved in it?

When national level awards competitions are designed by professionals and experts in the relevant field, it needs a lot of confidence and courage to come forward to enter your Company as your systems and processes are going to be under scrutiny first by a team of experts and thereafter made known to the general public. Thus, to share the mechanics of your human resource DNA is not a whimsical exercise. It needs careful articulation. In a competitive business environment where systems architecture, product innovation and process design become much sought after, the HR community are indeed a bold clan to take a step forward to join the foray seeking accolades for their triumphs in human resource arena.

Years of dedicated planning and implementation are thus concisely contained in to a neat questionnaire or application form. The on-site visits from technical experts and adjudicators are anticipated with much preparation and…… apprehension! The teams of experts conducting the evaluations leave no stones unturned. Realms of paperwork, on line processes and rigorous interviews are carried out to assess the employee champions and award superiority in excellence.

As the euphoria of emergent winners dies down, winning companies are much sought after by other aspirants who seek familiarization visits and study tours in the human resource division and across the rest of the Organisation. The benchmarking thus begins; and so does a tremendous level of self development and improvement across different industries and business sectors, transcending boundaries of financial status, geographical location, in an urge to pursue best practices, learn and reap the benefits. Winners take it all... the glory, the pride; and grow in stature and reputation among the corporate community.

When companies go the extra mile to play by the rules and ensure ethical conduct and good governance in their human resource best practices, it is only fair that there exists robust mechanisms to recognize and reward the integrity and commitment of every single constituent of such organizations. When considering the standards surpassed year on year by Sri Lankan professionals it is abundantly clear that returns by far exceed the risks and investments made in to development of human potential. The business community of this country which invests heavily in to human capability development, richly deserve to be recognized for their valiant efforts. Await the roll of drums as the battle of epic proportions draws to a close, as the Super Ten Knights of the Corporate HR Roundtable are bestowed with honour.