Member Service

Membership Process

  • The duly filled Membership Application Form submitted to HRP by the Applicant
  • With the view of getting to know the Applicant, he/she may be called for a discussion with two EXCO members
  • The recommendations are circulated and tabled at the to the EXCO meeting for approval
  • In the absence of any disapproval, the Applicant will be enrolled as member as per the membership guidelines/ EXCO feedback.
  • A letter signed by the President/ Secretary is sent to the new member offering the membership
  • The membership fee and the enrollment fee to be paid by the member within two weeks
  • The membership will be activated and the membership card will be issued

Upgrading of the membership category

Existing HRP Members (Affiliate and Associate) can request for an upgrade if they meet the relevant Membership Category criteria given in page 04 in Membership Guidelines.

A duly filled Membership Application Form has to be submitted to HRP. Once the approval process has been completed a letter will be sent confirming the upgrade.


Please refer the Membership Guidelines for more details.

  • Objectives of the Association – Page 02
  • Membership Process – Page 03
  • Membership Categories – Page 04
  • Membership Fees – Page 06
  • Code of Ethics – Page 07